In the past couple of months I have been at my highest and lowest, I have been extremely happy at the same time sad, I have struggled to come to terms with all the changes. I have sought for solace and support from everywhere. Although dealing with all of this I  have had the best support system in my husband,he has been a pillar and a friend indeed and took on all the responsibilities with grace. Then my very amazing mom and family,I doubt it would have been easier without them. I guess that’s why God put them in my life for a time like this. I met the most amazing women,always praying and encouraging me never leaving me for a second, asking the important questions of how I really was and would go all out to educate and explain to me the details of each and every thing, always available at very odd hours too I found it easy to confide in them, never judging me or quick to condemn. I call them the real deals.

I realise in all of this I have a lot to be thankful for. Mostly for God’s grace and love, then my very amazing support systems in their different capacities. I always thought been there for people meant at least you will get a little help from them, my help comes from God,he is my source and he put resources in the various individuals he raised for me through the course of this journey thus far.

Finally I would like to admonish anyone male or female,to learn to give help and support to anyone going through the process of pregnancy, been a woman isn’t easy then add pregnancy/labour to it. Every pregnancy is different and a lot of women put up the brave and strong woman facade it’s not as easy as it looks. To women who have not been there yet,experience they say is the best teacher. I hope for you all that you have an easy stress free mother hood journey. I thank God for the privilege and opportunity to experience this journey while I await the arrival of this great gift in my life.

Never Condemn what you are yet to conquer, never say or feel you will have more control over a situation you are yet to experience. Be very cautious :Mind your Mind 8/2/17 -Rev . Sam Oye.

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