I am most genuiely not proud of this but i put the pro in procrastination. If there were awards for procastinators, i doubt i will have enough space for my plaques.This picture is the typical everyday me, pushing over ever single thing I mean everything till a later time or date. I debate with myself on things as simple as taking a bath, eating, praying , reading and writing its that bad.

Procastination Is that thing that subtly steals time, always making you do what you dont need to do at expense of things that should be done. Procastinate now then apply the fire brigade approach later, always putting yourself under undue pressure.

With procastination i have learnt the easiest ways to overcoming it is to first, believe in my ability to actually do what i ought to with that in mind giving me the boost of confidence needed, i start the task with the hardest making it easier to complete the task. Its easier to finish something that is started, the most important thing is starting, once in a race you are bound to get to the finish line willingly or not it’s just the logical thing to do.

​Like Nike: Just do it!


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