Let me tell you a story……


It’s trying to suffocate me, I am been strangled, this is It,I should just give up, this excruciating pain is worse than any I have ever felt, I didn’t think it will be this bad,I didn’t bargain for this,I am looising my will, I am better off not strugling the harder I try the more torture it is, I should give up this is beyond what I can handle. I will just be quiet and stop struggling,yes it feels better now, perfect not so bad after all i did’t I have to put myself through all the torture and pain. 

The peace is deafening why is it so peaceful, I want peace but this is not right,it’s so quiet and empty,i need to retrace my steps and atleast see what is on the other side. Oh not here again i dont know if i can go through this tortue again, what do i do now, i have to choose but what? How do i even choose? this uncomfortable peace or that struggle?

I am stronger than this, i gotta fight back, i know i can, i should at least try and see what is trying to kill me. I am fighting. I will overcome. A kick, a blow, it hates voilence, a knock i am doing it, its retreating, let me try talking to it, wow it cringes when i talk, this is easy i am crushing it, i see the light i just have to finish this nameless creature. I did it i succeeded , the light here is way better than the uncomfortable peace, i am glad i did it.

The fear of the Unknown is a battle we all fight in our minds, it’s what every one has had to deal with at one time or the other. The struggle to be or not to be, the real hustle to get it done and over with. What most of us fail to understand Is life Is all about taking risks, everyday is a fight, a struggle, an oppourtunity to win. The moment you let fear have control over your mind and you stop trying then you are as good as dead. With life the struggle never ends, you have got to decide if you want to have peace and be stuck in nowhere, or move on and fight the good fight knowing fully well that there is always light at the other side.


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