What we prayed for, what we got.


It will do no good to be ignorant of present trends and dynamics in world politics, the clamour for change in various governments and countries of the world. This goes a long way to show us how globalisation has changed the world and everything in between.Some individuals and scholars are from the school of thought that it has done more harm than good for the world but I beg to differ. I come from the school of thought, that the advantages of globalisation is just as much as its disadvantages.

Looking at the just recently concluded American elections, various scholars,political analysts,research institutions, religious bodies etc are either satisfied with the outcome of the elections or still trying to come to terms with how republican president elect Donald Trump won. I strongly believe that he had a lot of things working for him, that even he had little or no knowledge of.The media for instance had a very huge role to play in his campaigns by putting his far from acceptable/unpredictable character in the lime light.What various media outlets failed to see and understand was that the more he was labelled as evil, uncordinated, unworthy,racist and the likes, the  more he thrived amongst his supporters or fans as the case maybe.All they wanted was change and the republican party was their choice to achieve it not withstanding the candidate that was running. A new America was his mantra, “Make America great again” ended most of his campaign speeches.With the intention of taking the bull by its horn on several issues regarding terrorism and policies which the ever so diplomatic Democrats avoid to take, was topmost of his agenda.Donald Trump and his supporters had a congent mantra “Change”. This brings to the limelight the outgoing President and his administration whose mantra  also was change, make America great again before stepping into the Oval office. The Obama administration had eight years to deliver on all its promises, which to a large extent it did at least unemployment has been curtailed,there was the Obama health care bill signed, the gender equality bill signed despite the significant number of people against the bill, I mean to give them credit they did a great job, but still the question is where did they go Wrong? The populace asked for change and they got it.

 This goes on to let us know that human wants and needs are insatiable.The more globalised we become the more change we strive for. Just like various other countries, America is far from being perfect. And in the end I believe  America will thrive.

We  also see a new dawn of uncertainty plague the United Kingdom. Earlier in the year, June 23rd to be precise the Great Britain voted out of the European union In a referendum.The tenure of the then newly reelected prime minister David Cameron, was cut short as a result of the outcome of the elections. Majority of the people wanted out of the European union, as they believed that they would be better as an individual country and they voted for the change they believed in. The process to leave the European union is said to be a lengthy one which takes up to about 2 years or more depending on the committee and their commitment to the cause.Newly elected Prime Minister Lady Theresa May, has decided to start the process in March 2017. She seems cautious  about the whole process Which is understandable. We will just have to wait and see how it works out,i am most certain that Great Britain will do well on its own without the European union, in fact probably better.

Coming down to Africa, we see that even countries here have not been left out of the change Ideology. Sometime in May 2015 we saw the Buhari administration of Nigeria take office in what has been described as one of the most historic, peaceful, fair and free elections/transition in the government of the country and possibly Africa. The administration had one message change,after sixteen years of the former ruling party being in power. The people wanted change,stood for change, campaigned for change  and they got it. The administration resumed office in May 2015, a year and a couple of months later the populace of the country is groaning in frustration.On how the administration is not delivering on its promises. I beg to differ, although things are not so great in the country at the moment,with the hike in prices of foodstuffs,goods and services, exchange rate and the likes. The present administration has been able to curtail terrorism and the insurgencies,that plagued the nation during the last administration.I believe that before things  get better it would be tough, and now is the time for people to become resilient by being the change they want to see in Nigeria,having in mind that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

On this note i will like to conclude by saying, just like the way the sun rises everyday inevitably, is the same way globalisation has crept up on us and its here to stay whether we like it or not. Change is inevitable we either embrace it or it embraces us, the choice is ours to make. It starts with us as individuals, picturing what we want and the steps we are willing to take to make them a reality goes a long way. In the case of the country’s mentioned above they clamoured for change now they have it,I believe it’s time we let go of our grievances, accept what we got and work together to achieve the change we so much believe in. Filling our hearts with hope and praying for the best.

 N:B; This writing is based solely on my personal perception and views on the above mentioned issues. I am not a politician or affiliated to any political organisation, I am just a citizen of this global world expressing my views.
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One thought on “What we prayed for, what we got.

  1. Its important we know but unfortunately we do all always forget that Campaigning is different from Governance, It easier to throw banters at the government of the day and as most politicians do, they believe they can make a huge 180 degree change once in office only to get there and be faced with the economic truth. My submit is that the populace should ‘vote’ for the best but ‘hope’ for the best.

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