In the past couple of months I have been at my highest and lowest, I have been extremely happy at the same time sad, I have struggled to come to terms with all the changes. I have sought for solace and support from everywhere. Although dealing with all of this I  have had the best support system in my husband,he has been a pillar and a friend indeed and took on all the responsibilities with grace. Then my very amazing mom and family,I doubt it would have been easier without them. I guess that’s why God put them in my life for a time like this. I met the most amazing women,always praying and encouraging me never leaving me for a second, asking the important questions of how I really was and would go all out to educate and explain to me the details of each and every thing, always available at very odd hours too I found it easy to confide in them, never judging me or quick to condemn. I call them the real deals.

I realise in all of this I have a lot to be thankful for. Mostly for God’s grace and love, then my very amazing support systems in their different capacities. I always thought been there for people meant at least you will get a little help from them, my help comes from God,he is my source and he put resources in the various individuals he raised for me through the course of this journey thus far.

Finally I would like to admonish anyone male or female,to learn to give help and support to anyone going through the process of pregnancy, been a woman isn’t easy then add pregnancy/labour to it. Every pregnancy is different and a lot of women put up the brave and strong woman facade it’s not as easy as it looks. To women who have not been there yet,experience they say is the best teacher. I hope for you all that you have an easy stress free mother hood journey. I thank God for the privilege and opportunity to experience this journey while I await the arrival of this great gift in my life.

Never Condemn what you are yet to conquer, never say or feel you will have more control over a situation you are yet to experience. Be very cautious :Mind your Mind 8/2/17 -Rev . Sam Oye.

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I am most genuiely not proud of this but i put the pro in procrastination. If there were awards for procastinators, i doubt i will have enough space for my plaques.This picture is the typical everyday me, pushing over ever single thing I mean everything till a later time or date. I debate with myself on things as simple as taking a bath, eating, praying , reading and writing its that bad.

Procastination Is that thing that subtly steals time, always making you do what you dont need to do at expense of things that should be done. Procastinate now then apply the fire brigade approach later, always putting yourself under undue pressure.

With procastination i have learnt the easiest ways to overcoming it is to first, believe in my ability to actually do what i ought to with that in mind giving me the boost of confidence needed, i start the task with the hardest making it easier to complete the task. Its easier to finish something that is started, the most important thing is starting, once in a race you are bound to get to the finish line willingly or not it’s just the logical thing to do.

​Like Nike: Just do it!

Let me tell you a story……


It’s trying to suffocate me, I am been strangled, this is It,I should just give up, this excruciating pain is worse than any I have ever felt, I didn’t think it will be this bad,I didn’t bargain for this,I am looising my will, I am better off not strugling the harder I try the more torture it is, I should give up this is beyond what I can handle. I will just be quiet and stop struggling,yes it feels better now, perfect not so bad after all i did’t I have to put myself through all the torture and pain. 

The peace is deafening why is it so peaceful, I want peace but this is not right,it’s so quiet and empty,i need to retrace my steps and atleast see what is on the other side. Oh not here again i dont know if i can go through this tortue again, what do i do now, i have to choose but what? How do i even choose? this uncomfortable peace or that struggle?

I am stronger than this, i gotta fight back, i know i can, i should at least try and see what is trying to kill me. I am fighting. I will overcome. A kick, a blow, it hates voilence, a knock i am doing it, its retreating, let me try talking to it, wow it cringes when i talk, this is easy i am crushing it, i see the light i just have to finish this nameless creature. I did it i succeeded , the light here is way better than the uncomfortable peace, i am glad i did it.

The fear of the Unknown is a battle we all fight in our minds, it’s what every one has had to deal with at one time or the other. The struggle to be or not to be, the real hustle to get it done and over with. What most of us fail to understand Is life Is all about taking risks, everyday is a fight, a struggle, an oppourtunity to win. The moment you let fear have control over your mind and you stop trying then you are as good as dead. With life the struggle never ends, you have got to decide if you want to have peace and be stuck in nowhere, or move on and fight the good fight knowing fully well that there is always light at the other side.

Today in History

Having a little bit of time on my hands and not having much to do, I typed in the words that will now be the topic of this post, while going through great past events of time this particular story stuck out and I gave it my undivided attention. It is a little lengthy but i assure you it will be worth your while.

1955- Rosa Parks ignited the bus boycott.

In Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks is jailed for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man, a violation of the city’s racial segregation laws. The successful Montgomery Bus Boycott, organized by a young Baptist minister named Martin Luther King, Jr., followed Park’s historic act of civil disobedience.
“The mother of the civil rights movement,” as Rosa Parks is known, was born in Tuskegee, Alabama, in 1913. She worked as a seamstress and in 1943 joined the Montgomery chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).
According to a Montgomery city ordinance in 1955, African Americans were required to sit at the back of public buses and were also obligated to give up those seats to white riders if the front of the bus filled up. Parks was in the first row of the black section when the white driver demanded that she give up her seat to a white man. Parks’ refusal was spontaneous but was not merely brought on by her tired feet, as is the popular legend. In fact, local civil rights leaders had been planning a challenge to Montgomery’s racist bus laws for several months, and Parks had been privy to this discussion.
Learning of Parks’ arrest, the NAACP and other African American activists immediately called for a bus boycott to be held by black citizens on Monday, December 5. Word was spread by fliers, and activists formed the Montgomery Improvement Association to organize the protest. The first day of the bus boycott was a great success, and that night the 26-year-old Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., told a large crowd gathered at a church, “The great glory of American democracy is the right to protest for right.” King emerged as the leader of the bus boycott and received numerous death threats from opponents of integration. At one point, his home was bombed, but he and his family escaped bodily harm.
The boycott stretched on for more than a year, and participants carpooled or walked miles to work and school when no other means were possible. As African Americans previously constituted 70 percent of the Montgomery bus ridership, the municipal transit system suffered gravely during the boycott. On November 13, 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Alabama state and Montgomery city bus segregation laws as being in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. On December 20, King issued the following statement: “The year old protest against city buses is officially called off, and the Negro citizens of Montgomery are urged to return to the buses tomorrow morning on a non-segregated basis.” The boycott ended the next day. Rosa Parks was among the first to ride the newly desegregated buses.
Martin Luther King, Jr., and his nonviolent civil rights movement had won its first great victory. There would be many more to come.
Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005. Three days later the U.S. Senate passed a resolution to honor Parks by allowing her body to lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.

Culled from – this day in history

This story brings a lot of things to mind,the boldness and courage of this woman even though it is said it wasn’t pre planned,it just goes a long way to tell us that even in our subconscious somethings stick. I can imagine what was going on in her head, how tired and frustrated with the level of racism then, she stood her ground and didn’t give up her right to sit like any human with or without colour. As extraordinary as this story is,it saddens me to realise that racism still thrives not just in the states but all over the world. My hope is that some day really soon we all will get to understand that we are just passing through this world and every individual is equal in the eyes of our maker,no segregation whatsoever we are all one race. God bless all peoples and nations of the world.

Welcome to the last Month of 2016,I hope you get all you hoped to.



I very recently came across this picture. After a little deliberation i realised perfection is unattainable, but if we chase perfection we  can catch excellence. I will rather strive to achieve progress than perfection, the pursuit for excellence is healthy but perfection is unhealthy,unreasonable,unrealistic, frustrating and time consuming. 


In very recent times I found myself in situations where I felt very strongly that my life wasn’t going the way I had dreamed or imagined.

On the journey to self re discovery I found myself in several psychological dilemmas . To my greatest surprise, I realised I had  complex issues, I struggled for approval from friends and folks alike,I also struggled too hard to fit in . In my minds eye all the people in my life where better than I was. Having grown up in a very healthy environment and under the best circumstances, I began to ponder on what the issue was. Still perplexed at my discovery I realised I had always had this issues from the onset,I was just able to curtail its effects from being so obvious. I appear to the average person as been put together and having it all, the reaction of such individuals helped build my ego.

I went on to discover that my situation was not as a result of my relationships or environment, it was all me by my own will. I discovered this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, I was ready to deal with it head on. Like it is said a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. First I had to understand the reason for my struggle.

In my quest for solutions, I realised I was a product of what I think myself to be if I believe I am insecure and lacking or inefficient in certain areas that is what my mind will accept to be . I did a survey first on how people percieved me to be, I came to the realisation that most of the people I felt I strongly needed their approval couldn’t be bothered. The limitations and constraints I thought people and society put on me was in fact put on by me and my mind.I realised that i was better off without most of the friendships and groups I was trying so hard fit into, most of those relationships were in actual fact down relations for me, they took more from me than they were giving and would ever be able to give me.

 I came to the ultimate realisation that people only see me the way I want them to see me. I understood that being different, having values and goals that are not conformed to what society and what people agree on makes me unique.

I  concluded that my not been able to fit in or blend in puts me in a higher trigonometry than the people i am trying  so hard to be accepted by, i realised being different is a good thing and the best of all the qualities I possess . I realised as long as I am at peace with who I am and my maker is at peace with me this is all that matters.

Musings on Aging




“The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it.”                                                         Jean-Paul Sartre

As time goes by  turning days into months and then years, many of us realize that gradually life’s clock is ticking faster than we imagined.It dawns on us that this minute we are teenagers and the next minute we are married having babies and becoming grandparents and the cycle goes on . Majority of the time, we can’t even account for how time passed.The older we get most of us go through life just merely existing and not actually living.We become complacent with life itself forgetting we have a reason for being here.According to what most religious doctrines teach man would actually have to make a detailed account of how he spent his live on earth.

Approaching each New Year, I feel different than I have felt the previous year. Reflecting back through life and I see myself looking to be a better me. I consciously try to appreciate every moment I have had. I Never really understood what life was about till  I started getting older and having my own unique experiences,lessons and the likes. As i approached each New Year, I learnt to embrace and appreciate it alongside beautiful gifts, acceptance and understanding it brings.

I get a better understanding every year that I am here for a purpose, i am supposed to tell a story.Most importantly I am stronger than I let myself think ,I can do everything I put my heart and mind to. Growing older made me realize what matters most in life and the people and things that complete me. Aging  left me with a sense of strength in my decisions, and acceptance of my imperfections.These may be one of the greatest gifts this outgoing year gave me. As I  prepare to enter into the coming New Year, I celebrate the adult me; a woman, a wife, a mom, a best friend, a daughter, a neighbor, a sister, a storyteller, and everything in between.



   “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”
Coco Chanel